Synthetic Vs. Mink Lashes

With the rising demand of artificial lashes now you can have varieties of eyelashes available in market. Before selecting one, you need to be very careful as you will be wearing it on your eyes. However, here we will talk about which eyelash you need to select?

Synthetic or mink lash?

Synthetic eyelash – If you are using artificial eyelashes or buying fake eyelashes online for long years, then you may have well-acquaintance about synthetic eyelashes. This type of eyelash is quite common in market and it is made with plastic man-made fibres. Besides, this type of lash is thicker than natural human eyelash. It is better to use once.

Mink eyelash – Mink lashes are made with mink fur, which is very smooth, light and soft. Moreover, mink fake eyelashes look just like human lashes and therefore even after using artificial eyelash one can hardly understand that it is not at all your original lashes. Besides, as this type of eyelash is made with quality materials so it can be used repeatedly.

Synthetic vs. mink lashes – Synthetic eyelashes are made with plastic fibres which are mostly machine moulded and you can’t use it twice. As synthetic lashes are made with plastic so it is very thick and looks completely artificial. So, one can easily recognise that you have worn an artificial eyelash which is quite unpleasing. On the other hand, when you use mink lashes one can never recognise that you have worn false eyelash as it is made with high quality materials and the finishing of this type of lash is wonderful. The hairs that have been used for making mink eyelash are very tender and are of fine quality. Besides, this type of eyelash is not as weighty as synthetic ones.

As synthetic eyelashes are made with low quality materials so you may guess that this type of eyelash is quite cheap. You can get it by spending $10- $20. However, price may vary according to the length and style. But, make sure that you want to buy this type of lashes as you can’t use it twice. While it comes to the price of mink lashes, you can guess that it will be quite expensive than synthetic ones, because high quality hairs are used in making mink eyelash. And, its finishing lines are also beautiful. However, you need to pay $30-$35 for buying each pair or mink lashes.