Things You Should Know When Getting Eyelash Extension

Are you planning on getting an eyelash extension done? Are you in the process of still getting all the necessary information? There can be so much information on the internet that it can start to get you confused. Don’t you worry! We have compiled a list of things that every person considering a extension should know.

The process

The process of getting one done is a very luxurious one. It can be a very relaxing process. Most salons even offer you the luxury of a complimentary massage during the procedure. The process is about an hour and a half long with soothing music playing in the background. And yes! You can sleep while the operation is being carried out! One of our users said that she enjoys the massage and sleep the most during the procedure.


The best part is most salons give you the option to customize your lash extensions as you see fit. You can choose from the length of 9mm to 15mm. most of our users recommended getting 10mm to 11mm done. Some salons also offer the Kardashian length and curve. The curves you can opt to are a ‘J’ curve or a ‘C’ curve. The J curve gives a more realistic look whilst the C curve will give your eyes a very dramatic Bambi look. The type you opt for will solely depend on your preference. It is more common however, to opt for the J curve. 

Taking care

You cannot get professional eyelash extensions done and simply ignore it. There are many things that you should keep in mind. As soon as you get the extension you should not wet it for 24 hours. Even after that you should not wet them by a shower that sprays water with a high force. You should also keep in mind to avoid using any oily products on eyelids. Mascara would be a complete no unless you are close to the date for to get a new one. Also make sure that you don’t rub your eyes too much or try pulling out any lash. It can damage the entire look. You need to take extra gentle care if you wish to keep the extensions looking good for the entire period they are on. Go here  for more information lash lift. 

Removing them

To remove them you need to do it professionally. Most salons offer this service too. And it is painless and luxurious as getting them done. Make sure to not pull them out as it can leave you bald of lashes. Also pulling them out can be excruciatingly painful. If you don’t want to spend money by going to a salon, you can wait for it to fall off naturally. When they fall off naturally it can take time but no harm will be done to your natural ones.