Combinations That Work Or Not

There are a lot of things that manufactures think go well together but I don’t always agree with them. Here are a few of my opinionated thoughts: I have always wondered about it why they put all the vitamins and minerals in bread. Bread should just be bread in my opinion and if you feel you need to pump extra nutrients into your children, give them a daily dose of vitamin pills. There is no need to combine the two. I’m not sure why you would ever buy a lemon lime tree. It sounds like an ideal solution, one tree bearing both citrus fruits but other than cost, what’s the advantage? Saving space maybe? I don’t think combining two different species onto one rootstock makes sense at all. Won’t one be more dominant that the other? I’d prefer to have just one of plants in the garden or terrace if space was a consideration.

I’ve never been keen on the idea of shampoo and conditioner combined. How do you know your hair is getting enough shampoo or conditioner and won’t the conditioner be on the parts of your head that doesn’t need it as well as the parts that do? It is space saving when you travel but not ideal in the slightest. I’m not sure if you can get Cheesy mite still but what a silly idea that was. Yes, we all love cheese and vegemite together, with butter on soft white bread (gosh, I’m feeling a bit peckish right now) but do we need to have it in a jar already premixed. It wasn’t something that I’ve ever brought home from the supermarket but I will give it a place and that’s on a camping trip as it didn’t need refrigeration.

I do like the idea of combining sun protection and moisturiser. It makes sense to me and is time saving for busy people during their morning routine. I have high quality products like hand creams Australia with sunscreen added and it means I don’t have to worry about my face. I have to consider the rest of my body on those hot days when the UV levels are high but it saves putting sunscreen on my face and neck as it’s already been done. I also like the TV with the built in DVD player. It is space saving and seems to work on all levels. Yes, with my negative hat on, I could argue that one will break before the other but enough of that. The combination sits well with me. We all have our personal preferences and that’s why manufacturers spent a lot of time on market research to see if an idea for natural anti aging skin care has the buyers interested. Maybe I’m old fashioned and like my items segregated so I can combine them should I wish.